Seed Starting! This is a pic from an April day in the field. But to have starts like this we start seeding now, in February. Here are some WSU Master Gardener Seed Starting sheets you can download. It’s Freeee, as all of their information is. Knowing you are learning from the best educated professionals, with research backed info and curated for our specific INW climate is like winning the Gardener’s lottery.

Who else can help you with Moose, Pocket Gophers, Apple Coddling Moth, Snow Mold , Wildfires, the basics of seeds, soil, weeds, and anything else you can or cannot imagine. I learn something new every time I work in the clinic. Our databases are huge. You can get to know your WSU extension heroes who “hold down the fort” in Spokane on their website. You can follow @mastergardenersofspokane to stay connected to their events.

We are so lucky to have them all & the Master Gardener program in Spokane.

Kim Lango is a Master Gardener in Spokane, WA.