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Learn about our you-pick fruit orchards just outside Spokane.

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Wellness you can pick

When we first saw the farm and the old hay cutter in the field behind the house, sheltered on 3 sides by pines with an imperceptible slope and a gentle breeze, I knew it was meant for an orchard. You could say I saw it before it even came to be. It’s a special place for us since we planted each one lovingly with a great amount of gratitude to be in this place and hope for the future. Our orchards are finally beginning to produce the long awaited harvest and we’re so happy to share it with you. Please see our offerings below and sign up for our Farm Fresh Sheet to know when our farmstand is open and when our you-pick dates are. 

Orchard Offerings

Spokane Orchards | Apples from prairie Sky Farms
Spokane Orchards | Asian Pears from prairie Sky Farms
Spokane Orchards | Peaches from prairie Sky Farms


    Our Apples range from old Stand-bys like Granny Smith to everyone’s Favorites like Honey crisp & Early Fuji, to wonderful baking apples like Akane & Golden Gibson. We added the much acclaimed Cosmic Crisp this year. If you’re looking for heirlooms, we have the pink fleshed Mountain Rose and Williams Pride. Our French cider apples make the best crisp autumn cider.  We  carry naturally disease resistant varieties like Liberty & Enterprise too, to keep our Orchard healthy & diverse. We hope your family finds the perfect apple you’re looking for!


We grow Asian Pears; Chojuro and Shinseiki. If you’ve never had an Asian pear, you are missing out on an experience. These are preferred by chefs for their texture & flavor. They can last for months on the counter naturally-without spoiling. It has the crispness of an Apple with Pear flavor.


Our peaches’ first harvest came early for us in 2018, so this year we are looking forward to what they have in store for us. We have both freestone, and semi freestone varieties. Yellow flesh and white flesh peaches. Whether you are looking for fresh peaches, pie peaches or canning peaches, we have what you need.  The taste and quality were out of this world in 2019. Varieties available are Blazing Star, Blushing Star, Rising Star, Flaming Fury & Peach Frost. Stay tuned for when each variety comes in season by signing up for our Farmers Friend Fresh Sheet Email.

Spokane Orchard Expansion at Prairie Sky Farms

Orchard Expansion

The people spoke and we listened! The request for apricots nectarines and plums was substantial, and honestly, we were kind of missing our old Hollywood plum trees. So this year we will be adding Plums, Apricots & Nectarines to the Orchards. When our trees reach maturity and the fruit harvest is available, we will post here and in our Farmer’s Fresh Sheet.