Containers! The absolute best way to garden cheaply. No raised beds. No tilled up soil. The Northwest Farm and Garden Show had an entire Arena wall lined up with patio gardens highlighting the ingenius use of container gardening and this pic was just one of them. Did you know just about every vegetable has a variety specially bred to grow in containers? I shared some great info with Spokane Garden Coach  all about this.

Containers really are the gateway drug for beginning gardeners to start out cheaply & easily 😅😇. You can check out some of the other tips from Insta Gardeners on how to garden cheaply on his feed. Container Gardening really is the best & easiest way to garden cheaply. And My best kept secret is Thrift Stores . They get so many used pots, often large ones which normally get trashed because they don’t sell well. Connect with your local second hand shops & have them save their used pots for you.

Lettuces & leafy greens can be grown in the containers that are shallow, 6-8” deep. Tomatoes, eggplant, beans will need deep containers, 15-18” and wide. Whiskey Barrels or similar shapes are great for potatoes. Use tall slender pots for carrots. Take creative inspiration from Farmers who recycle all kinds of old artifacts to plant in & beautify their landscape. You get the idea. Arranging your pots of beautiful edibles around your seating area transforms your patio into a Mediterranean Alfresco Cafe. Then sit back & enjoy the view of all your work & thrifty genius! Did I mention it’s weed free and easy Fall clean up?

Kim Lango is a Master Gardener living in Spokane, WA. Her blog, Spokane Plant Picks, is catered towards informing locals about the wonderful variety of plants that thrive in the Spokane climate.